Committee Chairs

2017 Standing Committee Chairs

Communications Committee - Rebekkah Evans, Ph.D.
Director of Publications - Courtney Ghormley, Ph.D.
ArPA Listserv - ArPA Executive Director Office
Constitution/Bylaws Committee - Patricia Waltz, Ph.D.
Diversity Committee - Urmi Jani, Psy.D.
Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Concerns Committee - Dani Archie, Ph.D.
Ethics & Professional Practice Committee - Adam Benton, Ph.D.
Fellow Status Review Committee - Joyce Fowler, Ph.D. 
Membership Committee – Femina Varghese, Ph.D.
Nominating Committee - Patricia Waltz, Ph.D.
Professional Development Committee - Khiela Holmes, Ph.D.
Public Education Committee – Kristin Addison-Brown, Ph.D.

2017 Special Committee Chairs

Disaster Response Network Committee - Kevin Rowell, Ph.D.
Early Career Psychologist Committee – Anthony Austin, Ph.D.
Federal Advocacy Committee - Patricia Walz, Ph.D.
Fundraising Committee - Joyce Fowler, Ph.D.
Legislative Committee - Tisha Deen, Ph.D.
Policy & Procedures Committee – Patricia Walz, Ph.D.
Psychology in the Workplace Committee - Joyce Fowler, Ph.D.
Rural Health Committee - Lisa McNeir, Ph.D.
Scholarship Committee - Joyce Fowler, Ph.D.
Student Division Committee - Seungyeon Lee, Ph.D. & Eric Prichard, Ph.D.

2017 APA Representatives

APA Council Representative – Courtney Ghormley, Ph.D.
APAGS Student Rep - Evan Anderson


2017 Additional Leadership

Historian & Legislative Watchdog - Robert Doyle, Ph.D.

Blog - Adam Benton, Ph.D.