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The American Red Cross (ARC) is in Great Need of Mental Health Professionals

The American Red Cross (ARC) is in great need of mental health professionals to assist with the ongoing hurricane disaster in Houston and south Texas. Many of you have taken the Disaster Mental Health course, which is helpful, but the ARC is willing to take any independently licensed mental health practitioner even if you have not had the training.

Currently you can get involved by going to the area or by volunteering to take crisis calls by phone. Regarding the latter, the ARC is asking for people to commit to 10 hours of time per week for two weeks--a total of 20 hours. The time of availability is up to the individual. People in crisis will call a designated ARC number and will be connected to a volunteer's cell phone without the identity or number of the mental health volunteer made known to the caller.

If you are interested, please contact Dr. Kevin Rowell ( Also, you may start the enrollment process by following the link below. Given the magnitude of the event, the need for mental health volunteers will continue for weeks to come. Thank you.

Dr. Kevin Rowell,
Disaster Response Coordingator