Active Member
1. Individuals who hold a doctoral or master's degree in psychology or are licensed by the Arkansas Psychology Board.
2. Must actively engage in the practice, research, teaching, or study in the field of psychology.
3. Must reside in or are employed in the state of Arkansas at the time of application or renewal.

ArPA Affiliate
Those ineligible to join ArPA under any above category. Individuals who are interested in the work of ArPA, but lack the credentials to qualify as an Active Member (e.g., social worker, psychology technician, previous members who have moved out of state and maintain no practice in Arkansas).

Early Career Psychologist/Provider
Individuals who are within ten years of receiving their doctorate.

Lifetime Member
These shall be persons who have been a member in of the corporation, in good standing, for five (5) years and are either 65 years of age or, regardless of length of membership or age, have been determined as being totally and permanently disabled as defined by commonly accepted criteria. 

Student Associate
Full time undergraduate or graduate students, majoring in psychology at the time of their application or renewal.   

Individuals who meet qualifications as an Active Member and their primary professional activity is faculty of an educational institution.