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Arkansas Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award

What is the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award?

The Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award is sponsored by the Arkansas Psychological Association and supported by the American Psychological Association. They recognize organizations that make a commitment to workplace well-being and creating a psychologically healthy work environment for employees. Awards may be given to large, small, for-profit and not-for profit organizations based on the following criteria:

  • Employee Involvement

  • Family Support

  • Employee Growth and Development

  • Health and Safety


Why Apply?

Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award winners benefit from positive exposure. Winners may be:

  • Featured in the media

  • Promoted in company internal and/or external communications vehicles

  • Honored at special awards events

  • Recognized by community leaders

  • Recognized on our website

Promoting and implementing policies that create a psychologically healthy workplace pays off, both in an improved work environment and bottom-line savings. Data suggest that companies whose workers perceive that their employer is concerned about their well-being fared better in competing for and retaining outstanding employees. Companies that don't, also feel the impact.