“ArPA works throughout the state to raise the standards of professional psychology. Due to the efforts of so many ArPA psychologists, ArPA members are building a better organization for all psychologists and also the persons we serve.  With tremendous confidence, I can state no other organization offers so much to psychologists of Arkansas.” ~Dr. Joseph Banken, 2012

"Being in private practice I'm isolated but through my membership and activity in ArPA, I have made connections with colleagues who I can call for advice and assistance.  I would be lost as a private practice psychologist without my membership to ArPA." ~Dr. Paddy Walz, 2012

"I have found ArPA membership to be an invaluable resource in numerous areas:  case consultations; professional development; continuing education opportunities; awareness of important legistative information; grass roots activism, which serves to protect and promote our profession; as well as personal development as a leader and a professional." ~Dr. Scott McCarty, 2012