About Us

Founded in 1949, the Arkansas Psychological Association is a statewide, non-for-profit, professional organization whose purpose is to advance psychology as a science, a profession, and a means of promoting human welfare in a challenging and changing world. 

Our members represent the most well-trained, highly-credentialed, and clinically-experienced mental healthcare professionals in Arkansas.  

Our members are actively involved in providing psychological services in private practices, hospitals, and community mental health centers. Others teach in undergraduate and graduate academic programs, conduct cutting-edge research, serve in administrative positions for human service programs, and dedicate countless hours as committee members and chairs of various boards on the state, national, and international level.  

In all these settings, ARPA and its members are committed to expanding the parameters of psychology in Arkansas and increasing the quality of psychological services within our communities.

In an effort to promote the mental and emotional well-being of individuals, families, and society at large, we strive to serve both the public and our membership through educational opportunities, workplace training, networking, and professional development. 

And as part of the mental health advocacy community, both state and federal legislation are monitored so representation can be provided on issues that are important to psychology and healthcare consumers. 

However, the Arkansas Psychological Association's greatest resource is the growing number of dedicated volunteers. 

Please consider joining us as a committee member, a workshop presenter, or in some other capacity by contacting us here.