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Update: Research Poster Session for Undergraduates (Spring 2020)

Update: May 22, 2020
1st place – Effects of Rosa’s Law on Jury Decision Making (first author:  Jaylee R. Tribble)
2nd place – Imagination and Social Media Use in Young Adults (first author:  Whitney Davis)

The Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA) hosted an undergraduate research poster session for Spring 2020 semester. Due to the closures related to the pandemic, ArPA was not able to organize the traditional convention experience like in past years. In lieu of that, we asked students to submit a YouTube video of their research. The four submissions are listed below for your viewing. If you have questions for the first author of a research project, their email address is provided. If you would like to share your comments with the faculty coordinators of this event please contact Robert J. Hines (UALR) [email protected] or Estefany Soto (UCA) [email protected]. We hope you find the students research interesting and informative.

#1 – Perceptions of Faculty Diversity at A-State:
Stephanie Barton, undergraduate; Dr. David Saarnio, faculty mentor [email protected]
Arkansas State University
College of Education and Behavioral Sciences, Psychology and Counseling Department

#2 - Impact of Educational Television Viewed in Childhood on College Students:
Sara Brown – undergraduate [email protected]Dr. David Saarnio
Arkansas State University
College of Education & Behavioral Science

#3 - Imagination and Social Media Use in Young Adults -
Whitney Davis (undergraduate), Joshua Upshaw (graduate student), & Darya Zabelina (Ph.D and faculty advisor) - [email protected]
University of Arkansas Psychology Department

#4 - Effects of Rosa’s law on jury decision making: ten years later -
Jaylee R. Tribble (Undergraduate), Christopher S. Peters (Faculty Mentor), & Toby L. Stipp (Graduate) - [email protected]
Arkansas State University
Department of Psychology and Counseling